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Sons in Retirement promotes the well-being of retired and semi-retired men, by offering activities and fellowship. We are not fund-raisers, have no political agenda nor any religious affiliations.

Membership Application

Below you will find what is required of you to become a member of SIR. Remember SIR is an activity group, we want you to get out and socialize, become an active member.

Membership is worth only as much as you contribute to the success of the branch as a whole. There are many committee assignments that need your help and support. You are urged to volunteer your services. You are expected to support the several Special Events/Activities we have each year. We want you to participate in as many of these as you can and bring guests to them because the more participants, the more fun we have and the better the function.

When you arrive for the monthly luncheon, immediately get your identification badge from the Attendance Chairman in The Club Restaurant at McInnis and wear it so others will know who you are at any time. Don’t forget to return the badge before you leave the meeting to the Attendance Chairman’s table. Next, purchase your luncheon ticket in the same area. You may also make reservations and pay for any upcoming Special Event at the same time. We make every attempt to close the meeting at 1:30PM. All of the meetings and luncheons are held at The Club Restaurant, McInnis Park, 350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, (415) 491-5959.

Good fellowship is a primary objective of ours. Make yourself at home during the meetings and visit old friends and introduce yourself to those around you that you don’t know. Participate in the various activities offered by our branch and others such as golf, bowling, bocce, walking, computers, etc.

Your Officers and Directors make every effort to make the meetings and activities worthwhile for you. Your comments are welcome and wanted. If there is something you would like added or changed, let us know. Your involvement in the branch meetings and activities will make the branch more successful and better for all of our members.

Members are obligated to attend all regularly scheduled luncheon meetings unless prevented by illness or absence from the branch locale. Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month except when there is no luncheon due to our Christmas Party. SIR Rules state membership can be terminated if a member misses 3 consecutive regularly scheduled luncheon meetings without having been excused by the Attendance Chairman prior to missing the meetings or did not attend a minimum of 6 regularly scheduled luncheons within the previous twelve consecutive month period.

Our luncheon and program starts promptly at Noon. Our Social Hour starts at 11AM for you to visit with officers and other members of our branch. You are also invited to the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) meeting starting at 10:30AM if you desire.

There are no dues or assessments in our SIR branch but we include a small amount in the luncheon charge to pay for the expenses of operating our branch. Expenses like printing this Roster, printing and mailing our monthly Newsletter, fees to the State SIR, and other expenses.

We warmly welcome potential members or guests you may wish to invite. Take him (them) to the Attendance Chairman who will provide a guest badge, guest registration card (so the guest can be introduced by the Big or Little SIR), and an application for membership. Let your guest observe our meeting and let our social time, luncheon, and program sell him on joining. When he completes the application to join, give it to the Attendance or Membership Chairman or any Officer of the branch. Continued effort to recruit new members for our branch is all members’ ongoing responsibility.

Above all, enjoy yourself as a

SIR China Camp/Indian Valley Branch member