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Nov 2017Spreadsheet Applications for Retirees - Neil Schmidt
Example Applications:
Welcome to Excel
Emergency Records Organizer
Home Inventory
NonCash Donations
Oct 2017No Meeting
Sep 2017"No meeting
Aug 2017 Organizing All Those Photos - Phil Goff
Jul 2017 Traveling With Technology - Neil Schmidt
May 2017 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks - Frank May
ITKid Computer Repair Services - Max Nunan
Apr 2017Building Your Own Desktop Computer - Barry Brown
Directions - Barry Brown
Mar 2017 Setting a Home Router and Wifi - Howard Walter
Feb 2017 How a Computer Works - Dean Steichen
Jan 2017 SmartPhones and Artificial Intelligence - Neil Schmidt
Nov 2016Home Surveillance Cameras - Bob Testa
Oct 2016The Connected Home - Frank May
Sep 2016Favorite Apps for Your SmartPhone and Computer - Neil Schmidt
Aug 2016Serious Security & Identity Threats - Evan Corstophine, President of Portable CIO, Inc.
Security Precautions
Prevent Identify Theft
Computer Recommendations
Best Practices for Security
Jul 2016Windows 10 Tips and Tricks- Barry Brown
Ready Boost - Barry Brown
Windows 10 Basics- Dean Steichen
May 2016Cloud Photo Storage- Neil Schmidt
Apr 2016Organizing and Editing Your Photos- Derek Southern
Mar 2016Lawrence Livermore National Ignition Facility - Eric Stout  PDF
Feb 2016Chromebook, Firestick, Echo & Other Gadgets - Phil GoffPDF
Rasberry Pi - Dean SteichenPDF
Jan 2016All Things Google - Neil Schmidt   PDF
Nov 2015Protecting Your Home Computer   - Alan BakerPDF
Oct 2015Introduction to Windows 10 – Barry BrownPDF
Sep 2015Information Available About You and Your Friends on the Internet - Phil Goff    PDF
Aug 2015How to Fix a Slow PC - Dean Steichen    PDF
Jul 2015Help with Apple Devices – Sharon Beck
May 2015TV Streaming Devices - Neil Schmidt    PDF
Apr 20153D Printing - Nick Kloski  (founder of
Mar 2015Evolution of Windows    and Preview of Windows 10  - Barry BrownPDF
Feb 2015Lies, Lies and Damn Lies and DNA Solutions - Jeffrey Vaillant  (list of some DNA Resources )PDF
Jan 2015Easier Browsing the Internet and Keeping Passwords Secure - Phil Goff PDF
Nov 2014Editing Video on Your Home Computer - Chuck Joyce
Oct 2014Cloud Services, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Frank May    PDF
Sep 2014Installing Programs in Windows 8.1 and Some Free Programs Everyone Should Download - Dean Steichen   PDF
Aug 2014Email Programs - Derek Southern   PDF
Options for your old computer and the hard drive with your data - Phil Goff  PDF
Jul 2014How to Setup Your New Computer - Neil Schmidt    PDF
Pros and Cons of Installing a Solid State (SSD) Hard Drive - Barry Brown  PDF
May 2014Migrating from Windows XP - Neil Schmidt    PDF
Buying a New Computer - Phil Goff    PDF
Apr 2014Serious Security and Identity Threats - Evan Corstorphine PDF
Personal Computer Recommendations from PCIOPDF
Mar 2014Personal Finance Software and Apps - Dennis Lowe    PDF
What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work? - Phil Goff   PDF
Feb 2014Mobile Wallets - Bob Testa  PDF
Paying Bills Online - Dick Kauffman    PDF
Jan 2014Free Video Calls - Derek Southern and Barry Brown  PDF
Nov 2013Windows 8.1 - Phil Goff   PDF
Oct 2013Favorite Apps for Smartphones and Tablets - Neil Schmidt   PDF
Neil’s List of favorite apps  PDF
Sep 2013AT&T’s Digital Home Security - Ken Mintz of AT&T
Aug 2013Trip to the Computer History Museum - Derek Southern
Jul 2013Can a Tablet Replace a computer? - Neil Schmidt    PDF
May 2013Internet Browsers - Derek Southern PDF
Word Processing Alternatives to MS Word - By Dean Steichen  PDF
Apr 2013Password Management Programs - Phil Goff PDF
Mar 2013Speech Recognition - Neil Schmidt  PDF
Feb 2013Windows 8 Operating System - Ron Ogg
Jan 2013How Organize and Record Your Life Transactions Using the Emergency Records Organizer - Phil Goff (ERO forms)PDF
Nov 2012Free Cloud Storage and Suggested Christmas Presents - Phil GoffPDF
Oct 2012Buying a Digital Camera that is Right for You - Derek Southern  PDF
Sep 2012Getting Started with Genealogy - Jeffery Vaillant
Beginning Genealogy Free DatabasesDOC
Genealogical Software ProgramsPDF
Lesser Known Websites for InformationDOC
Ancestral Chart via Ancestry.comPDF
Family Group Sheet by Family TreePDF
Aug 2012Free Stuff for Your PC  - Barry BrownPDF
Jul 2012Computer Vandalism, Fraud and other Forms of Thievery  by Phil Goff    PDF
May 2012Home Automation with INSTEON Technology by Neil Schmidt    PDF
Apr 2012Organizing Your Files and Backing Up with Acronis TrueImage Software, a Webinar with Gene Barlow
Mar 2012Setting Up and Using Wireless Networks   By Dean Steichen     PDF
Feb 2012Using the Internet for Telephone Services - Neil Schmidt    PDF
Jan 2012Managing the Color of Digital Photos - Barry Brown PDF
Nov 2011Online Backup for Your Computer by Phil Goff  PDF
Shopping Online for Christmas by Phil Goff  PDF
Oct 2011PG&E’s SmartMeter Program - Denise Alexander of PG&E    PDF
Sep 2011How Photoshop Elements Evolved and Why; a Brief History.  Also a Demonstration of Layers, the Heart of Photoshop Elements - by Barry Brown PDF
Aug 2011All About E-Readers and Tablet Computers by Neil Schmidt    PDF
Jul 2011How the SIR Websites are Created - Phil Goff   PDF
Remote Control of a Friend’s Computer (TeamViewer) - Phil Goff   PDF
May 2011Using Microsoft Office 2010 - Dick Curry   PDF
Apr 2011Computing in the “Cloud” - Derek Southern   PDF
Mar 2011How to View Internet TV.  What Devices are Needed and what programming is Being Offered - Neil Schmidt   PDF
Feb 2011Income Tax Software Programs - Frank Crua PDF
Creating an Inexpensive Photo Collage - Phil Goff PDF
Jan 2011How to Convert Your Old Movie Film to Play on a Television DVD Player - Phil Goff    PDF
Nov 2010Advanced Editing with Photoshop Elements 8.0 - Neil Schmidt  PDF
Oct 2010Editing, Storing and Viewing Your Digital Photos with Picasa 3 - Derek Southern   PDF
Sep 2010Troubleshooting and Repairing Problems with Your PC - Dean Steichen   PDF
Aug 2010Buying a New Computer and Moving Your Data to Windows 7.  Selecting Computer Components and Printer Options - Phil Goff   PDF
Jul 2010Traveling Overseas with Technology - Neil Schmidt PDF
May 2010All About Email - Derek Southern    PDF
Apr 2010Making Slideshows with Windows DVD Maker - Phil Goff   PDF
Magazine Subscriptions - Phil Goff   PDF
Printing on DVD’s with an Inkjet Printer - Phil Goff   PDF
Making Photo Books - Dick Kaufmann
Mar 2010Social Networking with Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc -  Neil Schmidt and Phil Goff  PDF
Feb 2010Moving to Windows 7 - Considerations - Dean Steichen  PDF
Buying a Netbook Computer - Phil Goff    PDF
Jan 2010SmartPhones—What Are They And What Are They Good For? - Neil Schmidt    PDF
Nov 2009Taking Better Pictures with your Point and Shoot Camera - Derek Southern      PDF
Oct 2009Webinar about Network Magic software by Cisco Systems.  Website is
Sep 2009Creating Photo Memories of Your Ancestors - Frank Comprelli    With Speaker Notes:    PDF
Aug 2009Editing Videos using Premier Elements - Larry Muth   PDF
Jul 2009Using Roots Web and Family Search Websites to Aid your Genealogy Research - Bob Wolf    PDF
May 2009Webinar about Acronis 2009 True Image Software - Gene Barlow at
Apr 2009AT&T U-verse - Ken Mintz of AT&T
Improving Computer Performance - Dick Curry   PDF
Mar 2009Converting VHS Camcorder tapes to DVD - Larry Muth   PDF
Feb 2009Searching Ellis Island and Other Ports of Entry - Bob Wolf   PDF
Finding Ancestors from Italy - Bob Testa    PDF
Jan 2009Customizing Your Home Page - Phil Goff    PDF
Using for Sharing Photos - Phil Goff    PDF
Nov 2008Intro to Photoshop Elements Organizer - Derek Southern   PDF
Shopping for best buys on the Internet - Phil Goff   PDF
Oct 2008Finding Answers to Computer Problems - Dean Steichen PDF
My Favorite Websites - Floyd Skelton  PDF
Sep 2008Firefox 3.0 Browser - Phil Goff   URL:
All About Blogging - Derek Southern   PDF
Aug 2008Bluetooth Technology - Dean Steichen PDF
Setting Up Your Cell Phone - Derek Southern PDF
Sending Text Messages from Email - Phil Goff   PDF
Jul 2008What is the Internet? How does it work?Who really invented it? - Dick Curry   PDF
May 2008Selling on eBay and Craig’s List - Phil Goff   PDF
Apr 2008Using PhotoShop Elements 6.0 - Ken Haley  PDF
Mar 2008Digitizing Old Records - Jim Meskauskas    PDF
Feb 2008Digital Frames - Dean Steichen    PDF
Skype - Dean Steichen   PDF
Automobile GPS  - Frank Crua    PDF
Helpful Websites - Dick Curry    PDF
Jan 2008Emergency Records Organizer - Phil Goff   PDF
Emergency Organizer DocumentsZIP
Nov 2007Dual Boot Windows XP and Vista on Your PC - Floyd Skelton   PDF
All About Tivo - Floyd Skelton  PDF
Online Photo Galleries - Phil Goff  PDF
Oct 2007Using MS Word for Photo Albums - Dwight Sale  PDF
Inserting Photos in Email - Phil Goff  PDF
Sep 2007Free Software Everyone Should Have - Frank Crua, Phil Goff and Dean Steichen  PDF
Aug 2007Why iPods are so Popular - Phil Goff  PDF
Jul 2007Windows Vista Review - Floyd Skelton  PDF
May 2007Buying a Laptop Computer - Dean Steichen   PDF
Apr 2007All About Scanning - Phil Goff  PDF
Mar 2007Buying a High Definition Television - Phil Goff  PDF
Digital Video Recorders (TIVO) - Floyd Skelton  
Feb 2007Buying a Desktop Computer - Phil Goff  PDF
Jan 2007Creating Slide Shows from Digital Images - Ken Haley  PDF
Nov 2006Microsoft Office 2007 Cool New Features - Dick Curry   PDF
Oct 2006Common Editing Techniques for Digital Photos - Phil Goff   PDF
Sep 200612 Great Utilities for Less Than $10 Each - Floyd Skelton  
Aug 2006Tips and Tricks to Make Your Computer Experience More Enjoyable - Dick Curry
Jul 2006Digitizing and Enhancing Printed Photos, Negatives & Slides - Phil Goff PDF
May 2006Organizing Family Data with Family Tree Maker - Bob Wolf
Apr 2006Organizing Your Digital Images with Picasa and Photoshop Elements - Phil Goff   PDF
Mar 2006Quicken 2006, Internet Explorer 7.2 beta 2 and MS Live Safety Center   - Dick CurryPDF
Feb 2006Recommended Computer Practices - Dean Steichen   PDF
Jan 2006Using Your Point and Shoot Camera Effectively - Phil Goff   PDF
Nov 2005Building Blocks of Nanotechnology - Matthew Francis (Berkeley Professor)
Oct 2005Genealogy - More Than Who and When - Bob Wolf PDF
Sep 2005Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism - Sanjay Virmani
Aug 2005Digital Pictures - Organizing and Storing - Phil Goff PDF
Jul 2005Microsoft Excel Features - Dick Curry
Jun 2005Review of Microsoft Word Features - Dick Curry
May 2005Browsers, Office XP and TV Photo Viewer - Dick Curry PDF
Apr 2005Improving Computer Performance - Dick Curry   PDF
Mar 2005Cleaning Your Registry with RegsupremePro - Dick Curry   PDF
Feb 2005AntiSpyWare Programs - Dick Curry
Jan 2005Relational Database Management Systems - John Merrill  PDF
Nov 2004Secure Wireless Home Networks - Dean Steichen   PDF
Sep 2004Computer Maintenance Software - Gene Barlow
Aug 2004Introduction to PhotoShop Elements - Charles Kezarian
Jul 2004Photography – Film v. Digital - Jorge Brown
Jun 2004Comp USA Training and Teaching Programs - Vincent Brown of Comp USA
Critique of the Ultimate Trouble Shooter - Dick Curry PDF
May 2004Recovering from a Computer Crash - Dick Curry   PDF
Apr 2004Hard Drives and Backing Up - Dick Curry   PDF
Mar 2004Hardware and Computer Upgrades - Dean Steichen  PDF
Feb 2004A Path to Your Own Web Site - Floyd Skelton  MHT
Jan 2004Genealogy and the Internet - Peggy Johnson
Start-Up Programs -- Why Should I Care - Dick Curry  DOC
Nov 2003DSL and WiFi Update - Ken Mintz of AT&T
Internet Travel Reservations - Dick Curry HTM
Oct 2003Rossmoor Computer Club - Leonard KrauseHTM
Computer Security - Dick Curry PDF
Aug 2003First Meeting of Revived SIR Area 2 - Floyd Skelton and Dick Curry

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