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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can SIR host my branch's website?
A:  Yes.

Q:  What's it cost?
A:  Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Q:  How do I get started?
A:  Collect web content (branch documents, photos, newsletters, etc.) and identify a webmaster to create and maintain your website.

Q:  What will the website's address be?
A:  For example, if your branch number is 199, your website will be https://sirinc2.org/branch199

Q:  What kind of web environment can I have?
A:  Traditional HTML or WordPress

Q:  What free web composer tools can I use?
A:  If you use WordPress, the themes, plugins, and composer are provided.  If you use traditional HTML, you can edit pages with
any text editor or composer. Notepad++ is a good text editor. BlueGriffon is the modern Kompozer/Nvu.

Q:  What free uploading tools can I use?
A:  If you use WordPress, upload capability is built in.  For traditional HTML, many people use  FileZilla.  I like WinSCP.

Q:  Can we have a password-protected area for my roster?
A:  Sure.  Just let us know the name of the folder to be protected and the password(s) you want.

Q:  Will my branch's website be backed up?
A:  Each webmaster must back up his own website. SIR does not back up or restore branch websites.

Q:  Why do you ask for a confirmation that my computer is free of malware?
A:  Malware from your computer could infect the web site and your members' computers.

Q:  Will you help me build and update the site?
A:  No, but we'll answer questions on a best-effort basis.

Q:  We're currently paying for web hosting.  Will you host our site at no cost?
A:  Yes, just let us know.

Q:  We already have a web site.  Can you list it on the page of SIR branches?
A:  Yes, just let us know.

Q: Our branch doesn't have the skills to create our own web site.  What can we do?
A.  Just let us know.  We'll set up a page for you here.

Q: What are the hidden folders /.well-known and /.well-known/acme-challenge among my website's files?
A: Branch websites on sirinc2.org have https capability and these folders are associated with the certificate.
Please leave them in place to ensure that your branch continues to provide secure web access.

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