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SIR Br 47 Chinese New Year’s Celebration @ 11:30 am on Tues Feb 13, 2018 at Yet Wah Restaurant, 1238 Fourth St., San Rafael

This is our first party in 2018 to kick off the Year of the Dog  < The name of 2018 is the Yang Male Earth Dog. Brown is connected to Earth. Therefore, 2018 is also called Brown Earth Dog Year. > This will be a sit down Chinese banquet. The menu includes: CHICKEN CORN SOUP, MINCED CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAP, SWEET & SOUR PORK, MONGOLIAN BEEF WITH BROCCOLI, LEMON CHICKEN, WALNUT PRAWN, MU SHU PORK,   B & B PORK FRIED RICE, DESSERT, WHITE OR BROWN RICE.  There will be plenty of food to eat and to take home.

Cost is $28 / person. Please invite spouses and other guests to help us celebrate the New Year.                             

Tickets are on sale at the Br 47 January 23, 2018 luncheon. Reservations required. Or contact See Tom @ 415-388-5819 or seestom@gmail.com.

The deadline for making both reservations and payment is Friday Feb.9, 2018



Special Events

SPECIAL EVENTS 2018 (Br 47 members, spouses & guests are invited)

Co-charmen are:
     See Tom 415-388-5819
    Kurt Heilman 415-892-2460
    Tom Culhane 415-897-5077
    Chuck McDevitt 415-924-6949  
Chinese New Year Party @ 11:30 am Tues. FEB 13, 2018
May Summer Party @ 11:30 am Tues. MAY 1, 2018
Barbeque @ 11:30 am Tues. SEP 11, 2018
Holiday Party @ 4:30 pm Tues. DEC 4, 2018
* Note all Parties are now on Tuesdays   

1. Tues. Feb. 13, 2018 Chinese New Year Banquet.  This event will be held @ the Yet Wah Restaurant, 1238 Fourth Street in San Rafael. The cost is $28pp for a sit down Chinese Banquet. => See Tom is coordinating.

2. Tues. May 1, 2018 May Summer Party. This event will be held  @ 11:30 am @ the Marin Country Club with lunch at noon. The cost to be determined for a three-course luncheon. The party gives the opportunity for our members and guests to enjoy this beautiful private club and perhaps celebrate summer.. => Kurt Heilman is coordinating.

3. Tues. Sept. 11, 2018 Bar-B-Que Lunch
The annual BBQ is held in September at the Miwok Park in Novato. The Cater prepares and cooks the food, including steak, chicken with all the accompaniments. The cost to be determined . The social time starts @ 11:30 am with the BBQ starting @ noon. This event is very popular with good food served on picnic tables surrounded by shade trees. => Tom Culhane is coordinating..
5. Tues. Dec. 4, 2018 Holiday Party Dinner
We have this party in early December to avoid the Holiday crunch.  We plan to have champagne and live music to liven up the party. Social time starts @ 4:30 pm with dinner starting @ 5:00 pm. Costs to be determined. => Chuck McDevitt is coordinating.