Marin County Golf (Area 6)

Charles Stedwell. Norm Jensen, Tim Lebeque,Ned Lawrence
Branch 47 Team in Marin scramble Tournament

Area 6 (Marin County) Golf

“If I grew tomatoes, they would come up sliced” said Lee Trevino when asked about his golf game. All of us who have played over the years can relate to the dreaded slice. One of the best concepts to come from the game is the Equitable Stroke Index. Everyone who plays regularly has a handicap that is kept by The Northern California Golf Association and is updated after players post their scores. This means that golfers of all abilities have a chance to win-in fact, the NCGA tells us that shooting your handicap in a tournament will win 92% of the time. Sirs golf uses the handicap system in their regular Monday tournaments at courses throughout Marin County. Every week there is a tournament and players are paired with other players with similar handicaps-thus making everyone feel comfortable with their game. The cost if fifty dollars per player and there are ample opportunities to regain this stipend with low gross scores as well as closest to the pin. New players will also get the chance to meet golfers who share the same passion for the game. Although there is a weekly competition, the main idea is to have fun and enjoy being outdoors with your friends. If you want to play at any of these venues, email the Chairman for that event and he will sign you up. Golfers with a handicap of 30 and higher play from the forward(red) tees in order to keep the pace of play and to be competitive for the various prizes. Others play from the white tees.

2016 Golf schedule (8:00 AM Tee time)

Date                                      Course                                  Chairman Name and Email

May 9                                    Mare Island                        Ed Texeira

May 16                                 Peacock Gap                      Jim Larkin

May 23                                 Hiddenbrooke                   Jim Larkin

June 1 (Wednesday)             Foxtail South                     Jim Larkin

June 6                                   Adobe Creek                     Ed Texeira

June 13                                 Blue Rock West                 Ray Kelleher

June 20                                 Kennedy(Napa)                 Jim Larkin

June 27                                 Chardonnay                      Jim Larkin

July 6(Wednesday)              Blue Rock East                   Jim Larkin

July 12                                   Bennett Valley                  Ed Texeira

July 18                                   Hiddenbrooke                   Jim Larkin

July 25                                   Peacock Gap                      Jim Larkin

August 1                              Foxtail North                      Jim Larkin

August 8                              Kennedy(Napa)                  Tom Brady

August 15                            Mare Island                        Jim Larkin

August 22                            Adobe Creek                     Jim Larkin

August 29                            Hiddenbrooke                   Jim Larkin

September 7

(Wednesday                      Foxtail South                      Ed Texeira

September 12                   Adobe Creek                     Jim Larkin

September 19                   Chardonnay                       Jim Larkin

September 27

(Tuesday)                            Bennett Valley                  JimLarkin

October 3                            Mare Island                        Ray Kelleher

October 11

Tuesday                               Bennett Valley                  Jim Larkin

October 12

(Wednesday)                    Foxtail North                      Jim larkin

October 17                          Peacock Gap                      Jim Larkin

October 24                          Hiddenbrooke                   Jim Larkin

October 25

(Tuesday)                            Bennett Valley                  Jim Larkin

October 31                          Eagle Vines                         Jim Larkin

November 7                       Blue Rock West                 Ed Texeira

November 14                    Foxtail South                      jim Larkin


This is the final day and lunch with the entire group will commence after the last player has completed his round. Another feature of the Marin County Area 6 golf is the state qualifying scramble tournament.

Each team must have an A,B,C,D player as determined by their handicaps. This format makes for a competitive tournament and the winner advances to the statewide tournament at Poppy Ridge in Livermore. Last year, the team from Branch 122 won in Marin County and ended up in the top half of all the statewide teams. There are other state tournaments throughout the warm months with exciting venues at various courses.