JOIN SIR BRANCH 47!  Call or text 415-881-7477 or E-mail


Step One:

Join us for lunch.

Plan on coming to lunch on the fourth Tuesday at McInnis Park Restaurant,

350 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, Ca. at 11:00-11:30 on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Great speakers and chance to meet some new friends.

Step Two:

Line up a sponsor.

Every new member needs to have a sponsor. If you know a Sirs Branch 47 member, I’m sure they would be glad to sponsor you. If not, one of our membership members will be more than happy to be your sponsor.

Call Bill Donnelly, Membership Chairman, at 415-897-8966 for more details.

Step Three:

Look at our activity list.

Choose those that may your interest and picture yourself involved with Sirs.

Our branch has many activities for retired men and their significant others.

Members can choose activities that best suit their preferences and enjoy meeting new people that share these interests.

Step Four

Fill out the scanned application or gain a hard copy from a member.


Bring a completed application to one of our lunch events and receive a free lunch on that date-$26.00- when you arrive with a sponsor. Your application will be voted on during the next Board Meeting and you will be on your way to new adventures and making some lifelong friendships.

Step Five:

Join some activities.

Activity Chairmen will welcome you to their events.

You will immediately see the benefits from Sirs.

For a more rewarding lifestyle that will pay benefits, join

your new friends in Sir events. You will have a great experience.