McInnis 9-Hole

9-Hole Golf at McInnis Park

A group of Marin SIRs has been getting together for golf at McInnis Park on Monday mornings.
They have been kind enough to invite any interested Branch 47 members to join them.
At present, four of five foursomes generally show up each week. The first tee time is at 9:00
a.m. The format is informal and noncompetitive although you can pay $2.00 and enter in the closest to the pin contest on the second hole of play. You don’t need to join the NCGA or have an
established handicap to participate. You don’t even have to keep score. They play all year
round (weather permitting). The standard weekday rate for Seniors is $14.00, pull carts rent is $4.00 Most regulars own a pull cart and some of our spry members carry their own clubs. The course is flat and ideal for walking.Jack Friesen of Branch 68 has organized the group. Contact him directly if you want to play with them. He prefers dealing with the players via e-mail. He sends them an e-mail each
Saturday, asking them to respond by 4:00 p.m. Sunday if they are going to play on Monday. His
e-mail address is You may also contact him at (415) 491-1086.
Feel free to contact me ( or (415) 897-8573) if you have any questions.