Branch 116 Member Information

Member's Pictures

Over the years several of our members have moved on and here are some photos of these former members.

Meeting Hotline

Everyone has a standing reservation for each meeting and, if you are not going to attend, you must notify our Attendance Chairman either via email at or phone the Lunch Hotline (925-322-1318) no later than noon on the Monday one week before the meeting. Members who fail to provide advance notification and who miss the Meeting will be charged the $25 lunch fee.

Membership Roster

(password protected) If you don't know or can't remember the password, contact the Membership Secretary

Required Meeting Attendance

(From The SIR Manual)

RULE 100. A member shall be notified in writing and/or telephone by his Branch of the pending termination of his membership should he be responsible for any of the following:

  • Miss three (3) consecutive regular luncheon meetings without having been excused by contacting the designated Branch Attendance person prior to the meeting date.
  • Did not attend one-half of the regular luncheon meetings within the previous twelve consecutive month period. NOTE: Excused meetings cannot be included to achieve the minimum attendance.
  • All legitimate alternatives to termination shall be explored. The member’s response may suggest an alternative to termination such as inactive status.

RULE 101. Certification of attendance by a member at another Branch meeting will be considered as a credit to his attendance record. Individual Branches may limit the number of make-ups during a 12-month period.