Our Activities

SIR Branch 116 members have lots of interesting and fun activities available to them. Listed below are some of these activities. Select blue colored buttons for more specific information and photos.


Monthly Meeting

Each month, except in May and December, we have a Lunch Meeting  at The Clubhouse reastaurant at Boundary Oak Golf Course.


We have two golfing groups, a 9-Hole group and an 18-Hole group. Golfing is the most active of all the Branch's activities.

Book Groups

We have two book groups, a regular Book Club and a Book Exchange  activity.


We have two bridge groups, a Luncheon Bridge and a Duplicate Bridge group.


We have a SIR Area 16 Computer & Technology group to provide information on computers and other devices.

Dining Out

Our members like to eat out and we have a Dine-O-SIR group that does just that at many different local restaurants.


We have a Mexican Train domino group.


Our SIR Area 2 Fishing Group is quite active and always have lots of stories about the big one that got away.


We have a SIR Area 2 $ums Investment group to help you make money (hopefully).


We have a small stakes but devoted Poker group.


SIR offers many different opportunities for both domestic and international Travel.


We have two walking groups, a Walking Group and a Walking Tours group.


Our members like their wine and we have a Wine Appreciation group to explore different wines.

Special Events

We have some fantastic Special Events for our members and their significant others.

Spouse or Significant Others

Although most of our activities are for "members only" there are some where spouses or significant others are welcome. These joint opportunities include:

  • Hiking & Walking
  • Walking Tours
  • Computer & Tech
  • Travel
  • Special Luncheon Bridge event
  • Dine-O-SIR
  • Wine Appreciation
  • All Special Events