Webmaster Information

If your SIR branch would like a free web page here, send an email to admin@sirinc2.org.

Many SIR branches share this free resource, so please apply the golden rule here and be clear about ownership.  When you create an additional page for your branch:

  1. Identify your branch’s page:
    • Put your branch number in the page title (for example, “Branch 7 Newsletter“)
    • Put the branch number at the beginning of the permalink below the page title in #/text form (for example, “7/newsletter“).
  2. Identify your branch’s images and documents in the Media Library Folders (not Media Library) 
    • Create your branch’s folder (for example, branch7) and upload your files into that folder.
    • Put your branch number in each image title (for example, “Branch 7 Newsletter“)
  3. Only you should be able to change your page.  Check the box for your branch number in the Access block on the right side of the page editor to make it yours.
  4. To link to your new page from an existing page, click the Insert/edit link icon in the page editor, then specify the URL of the page or click the gear and select the page.
  5. The sidebar is just for the list of branches on the site.  To have pages excluded from the sidebar, please contact admin@sirinc2.org after you create your additional page.

Please don’t add or disable plugins.  These are the key ones:

  • Custom Permalinks:  Enables URL’s that are easy to link to
  • Quick Page/Post Redirect:  List an external page in the sidebar
  • UpdraftPlus: Backup/restore files and database
  • Media Library Folders:  Enables each branch to have its own media folder
  • User Access Manager:  Enables each branch to manage its own pages

Questions?  Send an email to admin@sirinc2.org