Branch 147 – About


SIR is an organization dedicated to the fellowship of retired and semi-retired men. Come to our meetings and other events (e.g., Lady’s Day, Summer Picnic and Holiday Party), travel on a cruise, go to a Giants game or get on a boat in San Francisco Bay to experience Fleet Week up front.

SIR does not have a political or a charitable agenda. Its sole objective is to have fun! There are no dues or assessments in Branch 147. However, we do have expenses and invite members to make an annual contribution once during the year.  The requested contribution is currently $24.

On the second Tuesday of each month, we meet at the Petaluma Elk’s Club at noon, but the bar opens at 11:00 AM. Well drinks, wine and beer are $3. At these meetings we ask for a donation of $16 to cover the cost of the lunch and room rental.

Joining Branch 147 is easy. Find a sponsor (an existing member) to propose your name, submit a simple application form, and, providing that you are not a convicted child molester or equivalent bad guy, you will be welcomed.

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