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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can SIR host my branch's website?
A:  Yes.

Q:  What's it cost?
A:  Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Q:  How do I get started?
A:  Tell us your branch number and we'll set up the environment for you. 

Q:  What will the website's address be?
A:  For example, if your branch number is 199, your website will be https://sirinc2.org/branch199

Q:  How will I upload files to the website?
A:  We'll give you an FTP account.  Please don't share the password.  FTP software is free.

Q:  Can we have a password-protected area for my roster?
A:  Sure.  just let us know the name of the folder to be protected and the password(s) you want.

Q:  Why do you ask for a confirmation that my computer is free of malware?
A:  Malware from your computer could infect the web site and your members' computers.

Q:  Will you help me build and update the site?
A:  No, but we'll answer questions on a best-effort basis.

Q:  We're currently paying for web hosting.  Will you host our site at no cost?
A:  Yes, just let us know.

Q:  We already have a web site.  Can you list it on the page of SIR branches?
A:  Yes, just let us know.

Q: Our branch doesn't have the skills to create our own web site.  What can we do?

A.  Just let us know.  We'll set up a page for you.